4 Tips to Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

If you live in Manitoba, you know that frozen water pipes are not only dangerous, but they can be a financial disaster as well.  If a frozen pipe bursts, you may be facing a hefty repair bill for both the pipe repair and the water damage to your home.  There are steps you can take to prevent frozen pipes, and avoid spending money con costly repairs.

Wrap Your Pipes
You have probably read or heard the piece of advice that tells you to wrap your pipes in insulation to prevent freezing.  This general statement actually requires some details to be accurate.  For example, any pipes that are in an area that is routinely warm do not need to be wrapped.  You only need to warp the pipes that are in areas of the house that get cold during winter.    

Turn Off the Water Main
When people go out of town for an extended period, they often lower their furnace temperature as much as possible to keep the heating bills down.  If this is what you do, then the simple solution to prevent your pipes from freezing is to turn off your water main.  Once you have turned off the water main, all you need is to run your water appliances to get the water out of the pipes and your pipes will not freeze while you are gone.

A Little Trickle Saves the Day
Some people consider it and old wives’ tale to run water through the pipes to keep them from freezing.  This is actually an effective way to preserve your pipes, especially in cold weather.  If you run a slight trickle through your pipes, it will help to prevent the water in the pipes from freezing.  To make sure you do not inflate your water bill, you should only use this trick in extremely cold weather.

Heating Coils
Insulation can help prevent your pipes from freezing, but even insulation has its temperature limits.  If you really want to protect the pipes that are at risk from freezing this winter, then wrap them in an inexpensive heating coil and turn the coil on when the weather gets really cold.  Heating coils (also called heating tape) are easy to install and will prevent your pipes from freezing.

Every homeowner would agree that it makes sense to take steps to prevent frozen pipes to avoid the hassle and expense of having them repaired.  Before you set about taking care of your pipes for the winter, it is a good idea to inspect your plumbing and make any necessary repairs.  Hidden leaks can be a signification source for freezing issues during the winter.

Source: Handyman Connection

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