Winnipeg Mortgage Brokers - Spring Maintenance Tips

Owning and caring for your home is a big responsibility and staying on top of home maintenance is important. There is no better way to preserve the value of your home than with regular upkeep. Taking the time each season to ensure your home stays in the best shape possible is important for several reasons:

  1. It helps you maintain and add value to your home
  2. It improves the appearance for your property
  3. It protects your home against the elements
  4. Maintenance costs are less when done on a regular basis
  5. You can identify issues BEFORE then become serious or major repairs, which means there will be less out of pocket costs

With spring officially here, now is the time to start planning your maintenance schedule. Here is a list of what to include:

  • Inspect driveways and paths - check for and repair any cracks that have appeared over the winter
  • Check the basement and foundation - look for cracks and signs of leaks and mold
  • Check the attic - as above, make sure there are no cracks, leaks, signs of mold or winter "visitors"
  • Clean eavestroughs and downspouts - make sure they are free of debris and water is diverted away from your foundation
  • Check the roof - look for curling or missing shingles
  • Check windows and doors - inspect the seals on all your windows and doors for damage. Make sure all screens are damage free.
  • Check the AC and Furnace - check connections, change filters and make sure both are running efficiently
  • Decks - check boards for any signs of weakness or deterioration. Scrub mildewed areas and treat for water stains, mildew and fungus.
  • Paints and stains - check the exterior of your home, decks and fences to see if they are in need of touch ups
  • Wash windows - you will have a brighter interior and increased curb appeal
  • Landscaping - trim shrubbery around walls and remove tree limbs and branches that are too close to your house. No wood or shrubbery should be closer than 3 inches to your home. Also look for any changes in grading that could cause possible water flow towards your foundation.
  • Prevent mosquitoes (think West Nile virus and Zika) - make sure to remove any standing water on a regular basis

Using a list like this will help you to preserve the value of your home and save money on utilities and servicing.

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