Winnipeg Mortgage Brokers Support Habitat for Humanity Manitoba

One Link Mortgage & Financial is extremely excited to announce that once again we will be participating in a Team Build in support of Habitat for Humanity on Wednesday, September 18th!

“The foundation of any vibrant city is the strength of its communities, consisting of a diverse group of families who are an essential core to its ongoing development and growth.

There are thousands of Manitoban families in need that have the will, but not the means to access affordable housing. By putting families into a position where they can thrive, Habitat for Humanity Manitoba helps to eliminate the cycle of poverty through affordable homeownership, one house at a time.

Habitat homes offer families living in difficult situations an escape from the cycle of poverty housing, and a chance to experience positive change in their lives. Because of an improved situation they are better able to contribute to the economy with more disposable income to attain the necessities of life along with building equity and saving for their children’s future. The security and new found stability enables some parents to improve their job positions and for their children to focus more on school, while gaining a sense of belonging as they become part of a community.

Habitat relies on its thousands of passionate volunteers to help build homes, and their many generous sponsors, partners and donations that enable families and communities to share a brighter future.”

Source: Habitat for Humanity Manitoba

One Link Mortgage is collecting donations for our Team Build. Every dollar you donate will help Habitat for Humanity Manitoba build homes for low-income working families to purchase. All donations make an incredible impact, helping local families gain stability, dignity, empowerment and hope. Donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt. To make a donation today, please speak to a One Linker or visit the Habitat for Humanity Manitoba website, select One Link Mortgage & Financial and pick one of our team members to support. You can also click here:  One Link Mortgage & Financial Team Build