One Link Mortgage Named 2021 Brokerage of the Year for the Prairies

Congratulations Team One Link Mortgage!!

We are truly honoured to have been named the Prairie Brokerage of the Year - the Mortgage Awards of Excellence. To be recognized and nominated by our industry peers in of itself is very humbling. Thank you to our incredible team of One Link Mortgage Professionals for making us the amazing company that we are today!

Caily MacGregor, part owner of One Link Mortgage and Financial, accepted the award on behalf of her partners Daryl Harris and Shelley Stewart:

“We would like to thank the Mortgage Awards of Excellence for choosing us as the 2021 Brokerage of the Year for the Prairies. As new owners of One Link we are extremely honoured and grateful. Grateful for the strong foundation that One Link was built on before us. Grateful for our Mortgage Professionals who ARE One Link. Without their teamwork and support, none of this would be possible. We’re grateful for the community in which we serve and to be able to do what we’ve done day in and day out over the past couple of years, where others have not been so fortunate. Thank you to VERICO Canada for being our number one fans and to Mortgage Professionals Canada for all you do in furthering our industry across Canada. Thank you to our industry partners, especially the underwriters that have gone above and beyond what has ever been expected of them. Thank you to our lenders. You have proven over and over again that in the face of challenge you will conquer; we commend you for all you have done in supporting Canadians. Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists here today. You have proven that you can adjust, focus and come out on top. Thank you.”