Winnipeg Mortgage Brokers - Tips to keep your home on-trend in 2018

The start of a new year brings with it opportunities for change and a fresh start. This can apply to all aspects of our lives, including our homes. With home decor in mind, One Link Mortgage spoke to Kelly Penuita, the owner and lead interior stylist at DecoChic Interiors about what design trends she is seeing for 2018:

One Link Mortgage: In your January Newsie (Kelly's monthly newsletter), you mentioned that you were embracing the "Wabi-sabi" trend for 2018. Can you tell us a little bit about this trend and how to incorporate it?

DecoChic Interiors: The wabi-sabi trend is about embracing the imperfections, letting the flaws show and enjoying things for what they are and what they become naturally. Decor magazines and books always showcase the "perfect" room - perfectly pressed linens, pillows and throws arranged just so, everything in its proper place. Sometimes these images feel forced or unrealistic, in all fairness the intention is to create the desire within the reader to aspire to having a "perfect" home. However, I feel that everyone's perfect is different. I am excited to bring the idea of a more carefree, low-maintenance, livable decor to my clients. One that they can truly live with, without worrying about wrinkles, scratches and dents. For these add character and create a story - your story.

OLM: What other trends do you see being popular this year?

DCI: One other popular trend this year is expanding past the brushed nickel finish we've all become accustomed to into gold and even black for faucets and hardware. I'm interested in the gold trend as it has a more aged finish as opposed to the shine we are used to seeing (which also lends itself towards the wabi-sabi feel). The black finish adds a touch of dramatic sophistication we haven't really seen before.

OLM: How about colour palates for 2018?

DCI: The colours for 2018 are fantastic! Sherwin-Williams Oceanside is a deep and watery hue that has a wonderful tropical vibe, Pantone Ultra Violet is an amazingly vibrant regal hue and Benjamin Moore Caliente is a spicy number sure to jazz up any space. All of these strong colours are wonderful accents, either in accessories, pillows, art or accent walls, but could be overpowering used as an all over colour.

OLM: What tips do you have for those wanting to incorporate new trends into their bathroom and kitchen renovations this year?

DCI: Kitchen and bathroom renovations are always fun because these are rooms that get the most use so it's always exciting when they are transformed. My advice is always to go for the best quality you can. These are very utilitarian spaces that need to be able to stand up to lots of wear and tear. Some trends are very short lived so if you are not in love with it, don't do it. The black finish, for example, isn't for everyone so if you are not in love with it, don't choose it. It will be costly to change all your fixtures and hardware out in a year or two when the trend goes another direction.

OLM: In the past, you have shared some great suggestions in your Newsie for hanging photos and for art placement. Do you see any new trends in this area?

DCI: Art placement has been a pretty standard part of decorating for a long time. The general rule of thumb is that pieces should be to scale with your furnishings and when hung above furniture the bottom of the art should be 6" to 8" from the top of the furniture or if being hung on its own, the center should be at about eye level for the home owner. We are, however, seeing more collages being created that incorporate more than just pictures or photos which is a nice change from the standard single picture over the sofa. One trend that has come to an end is the word decals that were very popular for a few years. People are moving away from having "Live Laugh Love" stenciled on their walls and into more rustic pieces such as painted wood art whether it be word art or a scene.

OLM: Do you have any advice for pet owners who want to incorporate a trend (for example wabi-sabi), yet still personalize it for their pets?

DCI: I can honestly say I have not yet been tasked to decorate specifically for a pet; however, the wabi-sabi approach could be easily incorporated by not stressing about some wear marks on Fido's bed or loose threads on Garfield's cat tree. It would also be quite easy to bring in the colours of 2018 for your pets in a new bed or blanket or even making a few new catnip toys out fabric in the new colours.

Thank you so much Kelly for sharing your thoughts with us on what is new for 2018!

Kelly Penuita is the Interior Stylist at DecoChic Interiors in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her creative flair and down to earth personality allow her to create beautiful spaces while being respectful of her clients' homes and wishes. She is a Certified Canadian Staging Professional (CCSP), Certified Colour Consultant (CCC) and Certified Interior Decorator (CID) with almost 20 year experience in the field. For more information about how Kelly can help you, please visit her website at Don't forget to sign up for your "Newsie" for great tips every month!