Winnipeg Mortgage Brokers Helping Animals in Need

This is the story of how one special cat entered into the life of someone from One Link Mortgage & Financial.

It was late afternoon.  We were driving down a highway in the Interlake on a very hot August long weekend Sunday in 2017 when we spotted a cat lying by the side of the road.  We slowed down to check him out, and he lifted his head as we walked toward him!  We were instantly in “rescue” mode.  Upon discovery that he was very much alive, he was wrapped in a towel and off we went to the Pembina Highway Emergency Veterinary clinic.  It was such a hot day (35 degrees with no cloud cover) and it was a miracle that he was alive.  The hour-long drive gave us plenty of time to see that his front paws were responding to touch, his tail was able to move and at least one of his back legs had some mobility.  It also gave us plenty of time to attach to this little sweetheart!   He had no collar, ear tattoo or microchip, so the vet took him in and told us that because he was not identifiable, he would be sent to the Winnipeg Humane Society the next day.  They said “thank you” and expected that we would leave.  It was too late.  This little, innocent, injured cat had clawed his way into our hearts and we asked to be contacted by the WHS as soon as he was examined there.

Fast forward past a VERY anxious holiday Monday where our minds were completely preoccupied by this mystery cat to the Tuesday. We receive a call from the WHS explaining that he was a semi-feral barn cat that required an amputation of his left rear leg.  The procedure was to be done on the Thursday and we agreed to foster him through his recovery time.  There is a term in the world of fostering animals called “Foster Fail.”  We were destined to be one.  On the Saturday after, we saw his little face for the first time since that fateful day less than one week before and there was no doubt that he was ours.

He was in a room by himself for six weeks and the other two cats were very curious what was going on behind the closed door. While in there, he healed, learned to be a tripod (yes, that’s what 3-legged animals are called!) and learned to be trusting of humans.  When we were home, one of us was almost always in with him.  We read books out loud to get him used to voices, he had music playing and he would be peering out the window as much as any other cat!  We both remember the first time he came and cuddled with us and played with us and trusted us.  It was worth all the time and effort and none of it would be possible without the wonderful individuals at the Winnipeg Humane Society.  From Intake, Dr. Johnson and the amazing surgical team, the post-op care team, Michelle and the Foster team to the behavior people that are a phone call away from helping with any issues, it felt like “Team Thomas” was very well set for success.

He really is a special cat and we took advantage of his cuteness to raise funds to get him into last year’s WHS calendar.  We had no problem asking everybody we knew to donate in Thomas’ name to get him in! 

For the entire moth of June, One Link Mortgage is giving back to the animals in need in our community. Click here to find out how you can help.