Winnipeg Mortgage Brokers recommend simple steps to help keep your finances up to date

As we get used to new routines, a new school year and the changing seasons, financial organization can fall to the wayside. But it’s actually a great time to revisit and reset your financial plans. Here are some quick steps to help you stay organized and stay on track this season.

Adjust your bank’s electronic alerts

Your bank is required to send you electronic alerts when your checking or savings account falls below $100 or if you are within $100 of your limit on your credit card.

You can adjust this amount by contacting your bank to set a limit that suits your needs, so that you can avoid missing a payment or paying certain fees.

Reset your wants and needs

A common tip for budgeting is to sort your expenses into wants and needs. That said, a want can become a need as your situation evolves, so it pays to revisit your plan. For example, you may need a car if you can only get to your new job by driving.

By using a tool like the online budget planner from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, you can create a snapshot of your situation and find suggestions for you budget that are tailored to your circumstances.

Revisit your emergency fund

Savings accounts are hit hard when the cost-of-living rises. Maybe your summer vacation cost more than expected. Perhaps a car repair, plumbing problem or extreme weather meant an unforeseen expense. Consider whether it’s time to replenish your emergency fund. Ideally, it would cover 3 to 6 months of your regular expenses or your income. But even saving a very small amount on a regular basis makes a big difference in the long run.

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