3 décor ideas for a quick sell

In today's real estate market, a coat of paint and a good cleaning aren't enough for a quick sale at top dollar. You need to inspire the buyer's imagination and make them want to live there – and that is where home staging comes in. Here are three simple things that can make a real impact:

• Add a fireplace – this one element creates an inviting focal point with wow power. If you don't have an existing fireplace, electric is the way to go – and this change can be yours in a flash. Innovative companies like Dimplex, for example, offer a number of designer options for every décor style. The plug-and-play designs make installation a breeze.

• Remnant rug – A new rug can warm up the room, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Check out carpet showrooms, as you will usually find remnants of carpet that have been bound. A neutral rug will help to ground the space.

Flowers - People love seeing live plants and flowers in the family room. It gives a sense of life and good energy.