Reducing Stress During a Home Remodel

Tips for keeping calm during renovation 

You know that the end result will be worth all of the hassle, but renovating your home can be stressful when everything is torn up and your belongings are packed away. Make the remodeling experience less stressful for yourself by trying these coping tactics.

Hire a high-quality professional remodeler

Don't skimp on quality when hiring the company to remodel your home. Give yourself precious peace of mind by choosing a contractor with a good reputation and reviews. Check that the company is licensed and insured, and make sure you are all on the same page regarding exactly what you want done in your home.

Be prepared

Psych yourself up for the inevitable inconveniences brought on by home remodeling by whenever possible anticipating when they will be performing certain tasks, such as tear-down and shutting off power or water.

Make a detailed budget

When you have a figure in mind regarding how much you want to spend, this keeps you and your contractor on target. Staying within budget or close to it also gives you assurances that things are going as planned, and that is comforting.

Consider safety

Chances are you aren't going to be home every second that the construction team is working in your home. When you give out security codes, play it safe by temporarily changing them, and if keys are given out, make sure that you give them to trustworthy individuals.

Secure your belongings

Rather than worrying about your favorite vase getting broken or your furniture getting covered in sawdust, take preventive action. Put the vase away for safekeeping, and cover your furniture with drop cloths.

Stay involved

Keeping abreast of the remodeling job helps you know that things are running along smoothly, which is comforting. Staying in the loop also ensures that you catch problems before they start. For instance, if the wrong color flooring is delivered and you catch it right away, it won't end up being put down by an unsuspecting flooring specialist.

Expect the unexpected

Few projects go exactly as planned. It's inevitable that things will come up, such as the color tile you chose clashing with your furniture, the contractor not being able to locate your new bathroom exactly where you wanted it, or your flooring coming in late or looking different from what you ordered. Knowing that things are going to come up helps you deal with issues when they do arise.

Visualize the end result

When things are particularly chaotic and you feel the stress mounting, stop and sit down. Close your eyes and visualize your remodeling project at completion. Doing this will remind you why you're doing what you're doing, and that's sure to put a calm smile on your face.

Following these tips will go a long way toward alleviating the stress of remodeling.

Source: Handyman Connection