Goodbye Winter. Hello Spring. How Did Your Home Hold Up?

Now that we are just a few weeks away from spring, it’s important to begin inspecting your home for areas that may have been “hit hard” during the chilly, winter season. Cold temperatures can take a toll on your windows, doors, gutters and more. Make sure to inspect your home in the following ways:

Examine caulking and weather stripping around doors and windows:
During cold weather conditions, windows and doors tend to separate slightly from their frame. For doors, the weatherstripping needs to be intact and provide a good seal around the door. For windows, the seals should show no cracks, splitting or peeling.

Check gutters and downspouts:
If your gutters have collected heavy debris, they will need to be cleaned to avoid build-up. Winter storms can also cause damage to downspouts leading to clogs and leaks.

Look for other exterior damages:
Front porches, decks, and roofs are all areas susceptible to damages after a severe winter. Cracked siding, blemished decks and missing or loose shingles are common aftermaths many homeowners may be forced to deal with after a season with snow and ice.

Source: Handyman Connection