Canadian Mortgage Insurers to Increase Premiums as of March 17, 2017

CMHC, Genworth & Canada Guaranty are increasing their homeowner mortgage loan insurance premiums effective March 17, 2017.  For the average homebuyer, the higher premium will result in an increase of approximately $5.00 to their monthly mortgage payment.

Down payment between 5% and 9.99%

Loan Amount           $150,000     $250,000     $350,000     $450,000     $550,000     $850.000

Increase to
Mortgage Payment  
   $2.82             $4.70            $6.59            $8.47           $10.35         $15.98
(Based on a 5 year term @ 2.94% and a 25 year amortization)

*Premiums in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec are subject to provincial sales tax - the sales tax cannot be added to the loan amount.

Default mortgage loan insurance enables Canadians to buy a home with a minimum down payment starting at 5%.  Premiums are calculated based on the loan-to-value ratio of the mortgage being insured.  The premium can paid in a single lump sum, but more frequently is added to the mortgage principal and repaid over the life of the mortgage as part of regular mortgage payments.

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