Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

The warm, summer weather means more time is spent outside with your loved ones. Patio and deck parties become more frequent, as does barbecue parties. Before inviting any of your guests over, make sure you are absolutely ready... check these off your summer home maintenance list today!

  • Examine and clean your deck or patio, replacing or re-staining floorboards as needed.
    You would be amazed with what a newly stained floorboard can do for your outdoor space. Make the space look new and clean with new or re-stained floors!
  • Inspect your home’s exterior and caulk any openings  where insects and vermin are likely to enter.
    Dust off any cobwebs and ensure your home stays insect-free by taking necessary precautions.
  • Clean dirty windows and window wells.
    More people are going to be outside, and nothing is more noticeable than dirty windows!
  • Organize your garage and basement.
    As kids tend to play outside more often during the summer, this means more garage and basement foot traffic. Ensure that it’s organized and uncluttered so that you are able to find things more quickly and efficiently!

Source: Handyman Connection